Melissa Fritchle


What If?

Are you ready to see what embodied mindfulness can awaken in you? Are you no longer afraid (well, a little afraid) to shake off old models and others’ disappointments to be your most passionate self? Are you tired of being angry and want to be a life-affirming force? Are you yearning for spiritual practices that no longer alienate but actually connect you with your precious body, your sacred desires, the incredible diversity of the world and all that is in it, however difficult and beautiful?

As your Soul Guide I will help you to listen to yourself more deeply and lovingly. I will invite you to notice the ways that the more-than-human world is communicating with you. I will grieve with you and celebrate with you. I will reflect you back to yourself as a powerful, important part of the whole. I will support you in falling back in love with this life and the wild wonder of it all.

You belong here.
It is time to reclaim your wild boldness and the whole world as your sacred beloved.

“Listen--are you breathing just a little,
and calling it a life?”

-Mary Oliver

Fall More Deeply in Love with...

Soul Guidance or Psychotherapy?

My 15 plus years as a clinical psychotherapist will always guide me and I value all the lessons learned from that structure. But I have found the field to be shaped more and more by a medical model that highlights pathology, categorizing, and old models of functioning that do not reflect full and healthy expression for so many of us who don’t fit the mold in one way to another or who rebel against systems that oppress.

Soul guidance meets you outside of those systems. It is not a replacement for psychotherapy or medicine which may be needed to address acute symptoms and syndromes that are very real. Soul guidance is about asking questions and invoking your own internal wisdom, rather than problem-solving or skills building. Learn More...

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