Melissa Fritchle, Soul Guide


Soul Guidance for Individuals


Online Private Video Sessions

Dedicate some time weekly to tune in to yourself mindfully and to have soul-focused conversation with me. These sessions can be focused on any shift you want to make in your life, feeling better in your relationships, better understanding your patterns and stuck places, reconnecting to your body and/or your sexuality, or finding a new inter-connection with the Earth and Spirit all through the lens of Mindfulness and Non-Duality.

Optional Focuses :

Embodiment Soul Guidance

Love and celebrate this body you are in. Find acceptance of its desires, its limitations, its hungers, and its changes. Love your body even while working to change it. This is not easy, so having a Soul Guide to support you is helpful. Each session we will practice a guided mindfulness practice to connect to your body and sensation. We will also talk about what it might mean to be a spirit in a body and honor, and possibly grieve or rage, the many projections you face for being in the body you have. These sessions are a compassionate space for all genders and all ages.

Nature-based Soul Guidance

Begin a practice of building a stronger relationship with the more-than-human natural world around you. Each week (or every other week) you will have an outdoor nature invitation and a journaling or art prompt designed to enhance your personal exploration at this point in your life. We will meet in individual video sessions to process what you discovered. Imagine feeling loved and welcomed by the world around you. Imagine feeling like you can take action to be in peaceful relationship with our precious natural world. You deserve to feel your belonging.

For those who are in the Santa Cruz area, outdoor meetings are available. 

Email to set up a free 30 min consult session and/or for info on packages, pricing & sliding scale options available




Personal Retreats

Make time to focus on yourself, for healing, celebration, or to honor a life passage. We will plan a retreat around your intentions with lots of open space to let nature inspire you. Some retreat focuses have been - Birthday retreat: Letting go and looking ahead, Broken Heart Healing : Closure for a relationship that is over, Wild Woman Retreat : Reclaiming your Body & your Desires, Deep Healing retreat : Time for nurturing after a challenge