Melissa Fritchle, Soul Guide

Soul Guidance or Psychotherapy?

I do not want to be your authority. I do not want to be your doctor or savior or gate-keeper. I want to be your compassionate guide to living a more embodied, connected life. To call on the many years of study and personal work I have put into understanding the ways to invite the soul more fully into life and to stand with you as a fellow human in this complex world. Of course, my years as a clinical psychotherapist will inform me and I will use them to help me assess what is needed to help you find your personal vitality. This may mean that I refer you to other resources for aspects of your healing work. 

As a soul guide, I trust your wholeness. I want to empower you to not be afraid of your changes, your wildness, your wounds, your hunger, your deep love. I will not deny your limitations or struggles, but I also will not pathologize them and I will invite you to do the same. I will ask you to take responsibility for your path and the steps you take. 

As a soul guide, spirit will be valued as strongly as body and mind. Community and Belonging will be valued as much as Individuation and Self Sufficiency. I will call on my training as a Certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher, Eco Ministry, on Buddhist psychology, and on my foundations in Non-Dualism as my frameworks. You will bring your own belief systems and values and we will be in conversation about how all these elements of you find authentic expression. 

Some important differences to be aware of:

In the role of Soul Guide, rather than licensed psychotherapist –

I will not have authority to write reports for you or provide clinical assessments. Work with me is all private pay and will not be covered by your insurance, nor will it be limited by what insurance has approved.

Our work together will not be to address a clinical diagnosis, so if you or I perceive that treatment of a clinical syndrome is necessary than you will need to find a licensed therapist to work with on that.

I will uphold ethical standards of confidentiality and not share your information, but our work together is not considered protected by therapist- patient privilege so if I was obliged by the court to release information I do not have standing to legally refuse on your behalf.

If you begin work with me in the role of Soul Guide, I cannot in the future take you on as a psychotherapy client