Melissa Fritchle, Soul Guide

Rituals & Rites of Passage

Rituals, Ceremony & Rites of Passage with your Soul Guide 

Humans thrive when we connect to our sense of community and honor our personal life with meaningful rituals. We need to honor the passages, summits and new arrivals in our lives, taking the time to really let the gifts and lessons, and sometimes griefs, integrate and be shared. We need to speak our intentions and hard-earned wisdom.

These private transformations are not satisfied by the rote rituals designed long ago or by a Hallmark card and an expensive meal wearing uncomfortable clothes. They require personal vulnerable expression, unique to you and this moment.

It is absolutely worthwhile to give some reverence and mindful attention to significant moments in your life. I have never known someone to regret this. It will deepen your sense of your own participation in the journey of life and deepen your connections to your chosen community. Life can feel like it is passing in a blink. Give yourself the gift of remembrance and celebration.

I have over 20 years experience designing and facilitating non-denominational ritual with groups. Some of the favorite courses I taught in grad programs were on Ritual as Therapeutic Modality and Adult Life Cycle Passages. I am ordained through American Marriage Ministries to perform weddings.

Ceremony & Ritual Processes include 3 soul guidance sessions to process what this life passage means for you & a written plan for a ritual to honor this. You can choose to have me facilitate this for your group or to take the plan & do it on your own. Some rituals may be for you to do solo if you wish. Cost for ritual planning process, $400. Additional ritual facilitation to be agreed upon 


Creating space in our hearts and our lives for new life is precious. There is a tenderness in stepping into the unknown. It has been said we are all yearning to have been born into a community that surrounds & celebrates our arrival; we can consciously invite this for our children, or even new parts of our selves.

Blessing Way for Pregnant Mothers to prepare for birth process

Blessing Way for New Parents for adoptive parents

Blessing and Naming Ritual to introduce new baby to community

Blessing for a New Creation, New Name, New Home to honor a transformation


Commitment to another asks that we take on profound lessons about how to love & be loved & make daily intentional choices to nourish this bond. Bless your shared life with celebration & support in a way that reflects your unique relationship.

Private Vow Ceremony for honoring civil certificate or elopement

Wedding or Commitment Ceremony

Anniversary or Vow Renewal commemorate your years together



There are times in our lives when each breath holds courage, when we need to gather our circle around us to hold us up and remind us who we really are underneath the struggle. There are also times when we have broken free of an old battle and are ready to dance again and call back in joy.

Ritual to Create a Circle of Love & Caregiving, bring together those who will be offering you support

Ritual to Honor a Battle Won, speak to what you have survived & what is next for you

Ritual of Thanks, time to express gratitude for those who helped & for lessons learned


 Sometimes beginnings & ending come entwined. Letting go can look a lot like letting something new in, but it is not easy. Grief is valuable; it allows us to be fully present for all of life. Praise what was in your life, however briefly, & what it meant to you. Give voice to what has passed & what it requires of you to let go.

Memorial after a death, saying goodbye in a way that feels true & supportive to you

Goodbye to a relationship, can be done with the person or on your own

Moving Away, say goodbye to a community & a place consciously