Melissa Fritchle, Soul Guide

Council Healings

Imagine a circle of wise support plugged in to Spirit focusing their attention on you, seeing you, emboldening you to claim your power, standing alongside you as you move through the life transition you need at this time. Have you let yourself be in the center of such support? Are you ready to?

Council Healings are private time in a retreat setting with 3 wise, compassionate, feisty healers who are there for you. After an introductory phone call with you, will we craft a multiday immersive ceremony in motion to address the growth point you are seeking. For over 20 years together the three of us have been co-creating sacred time & rituals for life transitions, grief, archetypal embodiment, initiations, and connecting with the natural world and its seasons. Individually each of us have deepened skills through trainings & practice in various modalities & spiritual paths for personal growth and healing. Now we want to offer all of this in service to you.           

Your Council Healing time may include

Ceremony or ritual, contemplative guided time in nature, mindfulness-based coaching, sacred play, prayer & conversation with Spirit, archetypal embodiment, movement or breathwork, divination, meditation or trance work, shamanic journeying, ancestral work, journaling or expressive arts practices, natural healing remedies or baths, hands on healing or bodywork, naps, deep laughter, restorative rest        

Some of your retreat time will be spent in council with all 3 of us, some with each of us individually, and some time for you to be alone. We meet at a beautiful retreat center in the Santa Cruz mountains where you will have a private cabin where we will come to you. Each retreat is totally different, uniquely attuned to you & the time we are sharing.

This is a time for deep change. We are excited to meet you there.

Some examples of Council Healing Retreats themes or intentions-

Drawing in Power for a new role or beginning

Closure for a phase or relationship

Repair & Allyship with an Archetype (child self, divine masculine, caregiver…)

Menopause or Chrone-ing

Loving your body

Protection and Calling in support

Any life transition you want to do consciously

Receiving Blessings

        or something else! It is YOUR deep dive. 


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